Hike No. 6 – March 3, 2013 – Calero Creek Trail / County Park

After another tough hike (No. 5), I am mixing it up again with Hike No. 6.  The Calero Creek Trail is another trail in the City of San Jose’s very good trail network.  The trailhead is located near the end of Los Alamitos Creek Trail in San Jose’s Almaden Valley.  This trail is also part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail which is a system of over 340 miles of trails that ring the Bay Area.

http://www.ridgetrail.org/  Calero Creek part of Bay Area Ridge Trail

The Calero Creek Trail crosses through the rural southern edge of San Jose.  The trail is easy and travels through pasture land, through IBM’s Almaden Research facility land (although the buildings are not visible from the trail), over a smaller creek, and finishes up by climbing a few hundred feet  near Santa Teresa County Park.  The first couple of miles are on well marked, paved paths…the last couple of miles are well marked – but, are dirt paths.  The 4.3 mile out and back was perfect hike for me…it would be a great hike for families.

All Trails lead over the hill Hike No 6

Critters watching me pass on by…

Calero Creek Trail Critters!

This trail links up with several outstanding trails in Santa Teresa County Park.  Yes, I will have to try out these trails on another day!

That’s 6 hikes and 35.9 total miles…34 hikes and 164.1 miles to go!

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