Happy Birthday to my Daughter Kelley

As we approached the intersection, the traffic signal was big, bright, and… red.

I glanced over at my wife Janet, her right hand was braced against the dashboard of our old blue car, her left was pressing down into the front seat, she was looking at me and said just one word, “Hurry!”  I pressed the gas pedal to the floor, sped through the red light – something I don’t ever do – and screeched into the parking lot outside the front entrance of Good Samaritan Hospital where Janet was whisked away into the maternity section.Kelley n Me

And so, our exciting life with our middle daughter Kelley began 20 years ago today.  Who knew that 20 years later, I would be writing a “blog” about one of my passions – hiking – that was inspired by one of my first loves – our daughter Kelley.  You see, all of our daughters, Amy, Kelley, and Casie are fantastically talented young ladies.  Amy is a very good athlete and has excelled at being our business woman and soon to be college graduate!  Casie, our “engineer”, has a special bond with dogs and cats that I can’t quite explain, and is a very hard working straight A student.  Kelley, who loves music and the wisdom of the Jedi and Emerson, is our writer!  She entered Fresno State University as a Chemistry major…but, had the courage to change her major to English after only one semester.  I know she would have done well at Chemistry…but, am very glad she changed to English.  She is a gifted writer…a romantic…and, in many ways, my writing guide.  You see Kelley and my wife Janet really encouraged me to start this blog…although you won’t ever physically catch them on the trail with me, they are always there…looking for another adjective in my head while I’m hiking…over the hill.

So, happy birthday Kelley, my blog manager and writing guide.  Mom and I are very proud of your accomplishments so far in college….we can’t wait to see what special things you do!

Love you,






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