Dale’s Feet Kneed to Say Something!

Dale’s Feet Here…while Dale is skipping around through parks and trying to avoid all sorts of “trail hazards,” he manages do a face plant today while on the Tony Look Trail.  Come On!  You’re supposed to be a professional hiker!Knee Outrage!

Who gets hurt?  Why, it’s our cousins who have also been stuck with this 6’3″ towering inclumso…our friends, Dale’s knees.  While he just thinks about what he is going to blah, blah, blah, about in his blog – http://www.imoverthehill.com – his good old knees keep trucking along.  Never complaining (too loudly) and always faithful, Dale’s knees are unable to voice their complaints because, well, knees can’t write.

Oy!  Would you at least put a band aid on that thing.


One thought on “Dale’s Feet Kneed to Say Something!

  1. I got clumsy on my last backpacking trip, slipped on a rock near the creek, and went down hard on my knee on some rough granite. Didn’t hurt too bad, but bled all over the place! My first aid kit didn’t have any bandages big enough to cover all the cuts, and the adhesive wasn’t sticking to my hairy knees anyway. I thought I’d just it air dry, but then the flies came in to investigate. Luckily our friends had some tape and wrap to get it covered up. After that I realized how much you have to kneel to do chores around camp!


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