2014 – “The mountains are calling and I must go.” ― John Muir

Trail Junction on the way to Tahquitz Peak Look Out Hike No 202 am and I’m up to get some ibuprofen for my knee that is “barking” at me.  In some ways, this  is the story of the last half of my 2013 attempt to hike 40 times for 200 miles.

I didn’t quite achieve my goal.  I did go on 31 hikes for a total of 177 miles.  If you look just at the numbers, I failed.

However, I am happy with my effort.  I’m happy because I went on some great hikes here in the Golden State in 2013.  I hiked everywhere from the southern Sierra Nevada mountains to the flat horse and farm land of the southern Almaden Valley.  I hiked along cliffs over looking the deep blue Pacific Ocean and through Redwood forests that were as green as Ireland.  I hiked in National Parks, California State Parks, County Parks, City Parks and Open Space Districts.  I met hundreds of fellow hikers and never encountered a hint of boorish, rude, or unfriendly behavior.  I was assisted by cheerful Rangers and Volunteers many times.  I hiked along with folks from every continent who had traveled here to enjoy our wonderful state.  Hiking this past year really gave me a greater appreciation for our parks and trails that previous generations of Americans fought to preserve.  Yes, I’m very thankful that Abe and others moved forward with “America’s Best Idea.”

You know, I took thousands of pictures…and yet, I can still see, smell, and hear every trail.  I had a great time hiking and really enjoyed sharing some of my adventures through my blog, “I’m Over the Hill.”

What now?

Do I take up skydiving or big game hunting?


I think that I will keep hiking!  Now, because our youngest daughter Casie is now playing on a Club Volleyball team, I expect that Janet and I will be enjoying many more weekends full of volleyball.  We love watching her play and her self confidence grow!

But, with more hiking weekends becoming volleyball weekends, I am going to change my hiking resolution for 2014 (drumroll):

I resolve to hike 20 times for at least 100 miles in 2014!

Same rules as last year…look for my 2014 hiking posts here!

Of course, if you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill!

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