The Thursday Picture – One Tough Buttercup


Ranunculus californicus – Sounds much tougher than “California Buttercup.”

Today’s picture was taken on my hike at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve last Sunday. It was a windy, rainy morning when I began the hike. Most of the wildflowers were huddled together, petals closed, shaking in the wind! But, the
Ranunculus californicus were wide open to the sky with an attitude. “You looking at me? YOU LOOKING AT ME?” I like this picture because even though this Ranunculus californicus has obviously been battered by life and is covered in raindrops, it still is hanging in there…rolling with the punches…bringing a little color to an otherwise cloudy morning!

So, happy May Day Ranunculus californicus! I hope that we all show as much resiliency when life throws a storm or two on us like this California native wildflower!


Where are you hiking this weekend?

If you are looking for me, I’m over the hill!

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