Hike No. 6 – Skyline Ridge OSP – WET!

Working full time, and trying to hike on the weekend, along with all of the other normal things that fill up my schedule, I can’t really postpone my planned hike. This windy, rainy day back in April I was determined to get a hike in at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I arrived at the parking lot after a short drive from my home in Silicon Valley. I love living in this part of Northern California because we are so close to the outdoors. I generally don’t have to drive more than 30 minutes to escape the big city and find a trail through the mountains.

On this day, I sat in my car watching my windshield wipers go back and forth in a futile effort to keep my view of the trail head clear. It is not unusual to hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains on foggy mornings…heck, that is one reason the Redwoods thrive in this area. But, this day was more than foggy. It was very windy with just enough rain to soak through your parka if you stay put too long. Being the good Boy Scout, I was prepared for the weather. Time to get going…before I get too wet…

Hik 6 Skyline Ridge OSP

Hik 6 Skyline Ridge OSP Wet Buttercup

Hik 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 3

Hik 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 4

Hik 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 5

Hike 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 6

Hike 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 7

Hike 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 13

Hike 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 8

Hike 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 9

Hike 6 Skyline Ridge OSP 10


There’s something to be said about being out in the elements, on the trail, looking and listening to the wind and rain, the squish of my boots on the wet trail, my lens cloth getting soaked as I tried to keep my camera lens dry, and the occasional black tailed deer staring at me from the cover of an old oak tree.

I was pretty wet by the time I finished this moderately difficult 4 mile hike along the Bay Area Ridge and Sunny Jim Trails. Be sure to take a short detour around Alpine Pond and the David C. Daniels Nature Center…It’s worth a visit. As I slipped and slid on the muddy trails, I couldn’t help smiling. What a great day for a hike!



If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

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