The Thursday Picture – Bugs! Why did it have to be Bugs?



I took a vacation day on Monday and hiked at Fremont Older OSP in the hills of Cupertino and Saratoga, California.

While I always enjoy hiking…I felt like I was spending half of my time trying to keep horse flies and gnats from eating me alive!

Maybe this was the reason…


The last time that I used this bug juice, my buddy Greg and I were setting up camp at Lone Pine Lake on the Whitney Trail in the Southern Sierra Mountains. I don’t generally like covering myself with bug juice…but, sometimes it is either use the bug juice or, becoming a human smorgasbord for the bugs. I highly recommend this product made by 3M. Get the hands free – easy application bottle:

Other than the bugs…it was another great day hiking on one of the Mid Peninsula Open Space Preserves!


So, where are you hiking this weekend?

If you are looking for me, I’m over the hill!

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