The Thursday Picture – Arachnid Story

So….I’m hiking in the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve that is in the hills overlooking San Jose. I was hiking on the spectacular Boccardo Loop trail…If you live in or near the Bay Area, you must hike in this park. The views are incredible! Anyway, it was a beautiful, sunny California day…after about an hour of hiking, I came across this little fella who was also out for a hike.


I calmly slowed down and closed in to get some great close up shots of this tarantula with my Nikon. Although scary looking, I’ve read that the bite of a tarantula is less painful than a sting of honey bee. Another fun fact is that tarantula’s are popular pets! “Here Rex…Daddy’s got a juicy beetle for you!”

On a side note, I’m thinking of entering a master’s track and field meet. Heck, when I first saw this critter, I must’ve jumped 14 feet into the air. I didn’t think to take a selfie of myself jumping….so, for illustrative purposes, I will use this picture of Olympic great Bob Beamon smashing the long jump record at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.


I think that I can medal…


Click to access SV%20trail%20map%202-10.pdf

Where are you hiking this Labor Day Weekend?

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

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