50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act – Another Great American Idea!

Devil's Slide Trailhead - Hike No 20

Today we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Another Great American Idea! Back in 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Wilderness Act into law. By enacting this law, the United States was the first country in the world to define and protect wilderness areas through law. In 1964, 9.1 million acres in 13 states were protected as wilderness. Today, we have over 109 million acres of protected land in 758 areas in 44 states. California is one of the states that has the most acreage of wilderness protected…forever.

Tahquitz Peak from the trail head Hike No 20

View of San Bernardino and beyond from Tahquitz Peak Trail Hike No 20

Garner Valley and Lake Hemet from Tahquitz Peak

I’ve been fortunate to hike in several wilderness areas, like the San Jacinto Wilderness, and, with each step, each amazing view, and, each stop on the trail to listen to the sounds of unspoiled wilderness, I’m reminded of the great foresight of those Americans who decided to protect our wilderness areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Wilderness Areas and the 50th Anniversary, check out these links:


So, where are you hiking this weekend?

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

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