Silicon Valley’s other Golden Triangle

Silicon Valley is known throughout the world as the center of innovation, where entrepreneurs can turn an idea into gold. In fact, one area of the valley is known as the “Golden Triangle” because of the large numbers of high tech firms concentrated there.

“Looking down on the marine layer covering Silicon Valley”

Well, if you travel through Saratoga on California State Route 9 up into the Santa Cruz Mountains, there is another “Golden Triangle” for hikers! Park at Vista Point where SR 9 intersects Skyline Boulevard. Here you will find multiple trail heads located in the Golden “Skyline” Triangle. Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve, Sanborn County Park, and Castle Rock State Park are all located in this area. The Bay Area Ridge Trail also travels through the Golden Skyline Triangle.

This past Sunday, I had a great day exploring the Bay Area Ridge Trail

My 16th hike of the year started out at Saratoga Gap OSP on the Bay Area Ridge Trail, continued on this trail into Sanborn County Park, crossed over SR 9 into Castle Rock SP where I did a big loop on the Service Road and Loughery Woods Trails. I returned to my car by backtracking on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The hike was a little over 8 miles with over 1,000 feet of total elevation change. Some of the trails were through pine and native oak, some through shrub, and some on gravel fire roads.


I would classify some of these trails as moderate/difficult.


But, there are many other family friendly to very challenging trails located at the Golden Skyline Triangle. As is the norm in this area, the trails are maintained very well with ample signage to guide hikers, er, pedestrians…along the trail!


The California State Parks, Mid Peninsula Open Space District, and Santa Clara County Parks websites provide very good area information and trail maps.

I can’t wait to spend more time exploring Silicon Valley’s other Golden Triangle!


The Other Golden Triangle:
Castle Rock State Park –
Sanborn County Park –
Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve –

The Bay Area Ridge Trail –

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill!

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