New Bald Mountain Parking – More Up!

The Mid Peninsula Open Space District recently opened up a new parking area off of Mt. Umunhum Road in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. I slept in a bit this morning, so I decided to check out this new area.


The MROSD did a great job on this parking site…check out these retention basins…good use of BMP’s!



Sorry, I’m a Project/Construction Manager…so, I admire a job well done!

I took the short .7 mile hike to the top of Bald Mountain and then the 1+ mile up Mt. Umunhum road up to the preserve boundary. The hike to Bald Mountain is short and flat. This hike is suitable for the whole family. Great views of the Santa Clara Valley from the peak!




The hike up Mt. Umunhum is not recomended for the whole family. In just over a mile, the hike up Mt. Umunhum road climbs approximately 600 feet. The hike is quite steep and mostly in the sun. As one of the bicyclists said when I asked what was up this trail, he said, “More Up!” The hike is steep. But, the views of the old Radar Tower from the former Almaden USAF Station are good as well as the Digger Pines, Manzanita, and the green slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I am very excited that in a few years, we will be able to hike up to the top of Mt. Umunhum!




As always, I had a great time hiking in one of the MROSD’s Open Space Preserves!


Where did you hike this weekend?

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill!

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