The Climb – Hike Number 20!

I started out 2014 with a goal:

I resolve to hike 20 times for at least 100 miles in 2014!


Well, almost without thinking about it, I have met my 2014 hiking goal. My 20th hike was at Santa Teresa County Park along the Stile Ranch trail and up to the Rocky Ridge. I love this hike on a cool day. There are not many trees that provide a shady spot to rest. Here is one of the few spots along the trail where you could take a break out of the sun. This is part of the climb up to the Rocky Ridge…yes, it is well named!


It is fitting that this was the spot for my 20th hike. You see, this trail is heavily used by mountain bikers and horsemen (and, Horsewomen!). It is good to see so many folks taking advantage of the outdoors and the thousands of miles of trails here in California.


This is a pretty historic park, being part of the Juan Bautista de Anza Historic Trail. Although I didn’t see any sign of Juan, I did see signs of this areas’ cattle ranching past.


In fact, cattle still graze in this area. Here, you can see IBM’s Almaden Research Center perched on the top of a ridge above an area filled with cattle. Pretty typical Silicon Valley, a research center tucked into the hills while cattle graze below amongst some Oaks and old guys hike by madly clicking away with their cameras!


The Old and the new is a theme here in California. We seem to be in a constant state of seeking the future…while we also work to preserve and protect our past. I’m looking forward to exploring more of our California trails in the coming year and writing about what I see here.



Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail –
Santa Clara County Parks –

Now, where will you go to explore?

As always, If you’re looking for me, I’m Over the Hill!

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