Re-Springing Your Step

Today’s “Blogging 101” writing prompt is “Re-Springing Your Step.”

I really feel the need to re-spring my step right now…I’ve been fighting a bad head cold for the past 6 days.


Yuck! I had hoped to be able to go on a hike this three day weekend. Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck at home watching tv or sleeping….and, just feeling terrible. Thank goodness, my wife Janet is my patient nurse. I know that I tend to get very grouchy when I’m sick. I’m just so thankful that Janet keeps the chicken soup and the hot tang (and, ice cream) coming and puts up with me when I’m sick!

Because this is my hiking blog, the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of the last thing that left me feeling energized and rejuvenated was my December hike at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve . I was on the Sierra Vista Trail that overlooked a deep canyon where the Upper Penitencia Creek flows down to San Jose. The drop here is about 700 feet…so, it is fairly steep. Funny, I am afraid of heights…but, trails like this one don’t really ever bother me. Of course, the Santa Clara Open Space Authority does a great job at keeping this trail maintained so that it is perfectly safe for hikers young and old.


As I stopped to admire the view of the bright green Diablo Range, I looked up above me and saw a red-tailed hawk lazily circling over the valley.


For me, moments in nature like this encounter with the red tailed hawk while looking over the beautiful, green Diablo Range are one of the moments that energize and rejuvenate me when I’m out on the trail.

What is “Re-Springing Your Step?”

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

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