This week’s Thursday picture was taken at Thornewood Open Space Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California.  Just a short drive from Palo Alto, this small OSP is another quick get away for folks living in Silicon Valley to easily escape their cubicles and walk among the Redwoods.

This was also my first hike of 2015.  As you may recall in one of my earlier posts, one of my goals for 2015 was to hike in any of the Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space District lands that I have not explored yet.  This was my first time hiking in Thornewood OSP and, although the trails are relatively short, I had a great time hiking through some second growth redwoods and meeting a lot of fellow hikers who brought along their four legged friends.  Yes, Thornewood OSP is a dog friendly park!

So, if you’re near Palo Alto and want to take Rex for a nice hike through the woods, I would highly recommend Thornewood OSP!


If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

3 thoughts on “The Thursday Picture – Mountain Creek amongst Redwoods

  1. Nice place but WAY too small…. we never hike less than 10 miles and our longest was 21, so we had to skip this particular park because of its being so tiny…. and unfortunately it stands alone, and cannot be incorporated to other parks to stretch the legs a little…. Your pic looks beautiful tho, and I really like your 2015 goal!
    Happy trails!


  2. Yes, Thornewood OSP is relatively small. However, it is close to the north western corner of Silicon Valley…very accessible if you want a quick hike after work. I’m ready for a long hike…just have to decide where to go! Thanks for visiting I’m over the hill!


    • One of the best hikes in the Bay Area is, in my opinion, Berry Creek Falls Loop at Big Basin. It’s 10.3 miles long (not 11 or 12 as many people say). Absolutely breathtaking and not to be missed. Have you been there already? We did the loop in a clockwise fashion taking Skyline-to-the-Sea down to the falls, then BCF Trail and Sunset Trail on the way back. Unforgettable.


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