Photo 101 – Connect

Today’s Photo 101 assignment is to take a picture of something that represents “connect.”  I chose this picture that I took on the Peak Trail up to Mt. San Jacinto.  This is a connection point for three different trails that come from the south, east, and west.

Trail Connection Mt. San Jacinto State Park

Trail Connection Mt. San Jacinto State Park

This trail connection is located in the Mount San Jacinto State Park, California.  Be sure to check in at the Long Valley Ranger Station.  A wilderness permit is required to hike up to 10,834 foot Mt. San Jacinto.  Also make sure that you are in high altitude shape and bring plenty of water!  I’ve hiked to the top of this Southern Sierra Nevada peak twice and really enjoyed it both times.  Schedule a full day, take your time, stop frequently (every 45-60 minutes) to stay hydrated, and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness!


If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.


2 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Connect

  1. Here in the land of Ozz we go bush walking and have tracks where you have trails. We’re all connected by our love of the great outdoors. Signs like the ones you show keep us connected to the right path and travelling towards out destination without getting misplaced. Venturers like us are never truly lost. Great image and symbolism.

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