Photo 101 – Architecture & Monochrome


Photo 101 – Architecture & Monochrome

Today’s picture is a shot I took of the HIker’s Cabin located in Mount San Jacinto State Park in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

The Cabin was built in 1935 and contains 4 bunks and quite a bit of equipment left by hikers over the years.  When you see the cabin, you will know that you have only about 400 feet of scramble over large granite rocks to reach the top of 10,834 foot Mount San Jacinto.

I like the architecture of this cabin.  Fairly steeply sloping roof to shed snow in the winter.  Angled walls to keep the structure strong in high winds.  I really like the tightly packed granite blocks that make up the walls in an orderly, geometric pattern.  Compare the walls to the seemingly jumbled, large granite blocks scattered in the foreground.  I also experimented with a slight warming of the black and white shot.  What do you think?

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

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