Photo 101 – Landscape and Cropping

1-DSC_3987-001Photo 101 – Landscape and Cropping

I took this image on the trail at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve in the Diablo Range to the east of downtown San Jose.

Here is the original, uncropped image:

Rocks and a Lone Oak

Rocks and a Lone Oak

I actually like the uncropped image better.  However, I can see dust spots on the upper left corner of the image.  Can you see them?  I’ve never really tried to clean my Nikon D40 lens.  Any suggestions?

Which image do you like?


If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.


5 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Landscape and Cropping

  1. Both images have a great feel about them and the cropping has not reduced the feeling and the curves of the landscape and the skyline have not been altered. If you are concerned about lens cleaning, I suggest you use a blower brush, lens tissues and steer clear of lens cleaning fluid as they can damage lens coatings. A UV filter can be of great assistance too. If you think that the camera’s sensor is the suspect, it’s good sense to take the camera to a Nikon specialist to have the sensor cleaned professionally, That way costly disasters are averted.


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