Photo 101 – Triumph & Contrast

Mt Whitney Trail looking down to the Owens Valley

Photo 101 – Triumph & Contrast

I pulled this photo from my archives.  This was taken on the Mt. Whitney Trail looking down on the Owens Valley in California.  I boosted the contrast just a bit to emphasize the shadows on the left side of the picture.  I was really pushing hard at this point on the trail.  I was beginning to feel the effects of altitude sickness here at around 12,000 feet.  I love how the clouds and shadows are in the left side of the picture and how one can see the shadows of the clouds on the Owens Valley about 8,000 feet below this point on the trail.

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good when taking landscapes on the trail.  I was lucky on this picture.

Many thanks to my Photo 101 classmates for all of your constructive comments.  I know that I will carry the lessons learned from this class and push myself to be more creative when I’m on the trail with my trusty Nikon D40.  I’ve also been exposed to some really great photography blogs that I look forward to following.  Finally, thanks to Michelle and the entire Blogging 101 team at WordPress.  Your online classes have helped me push myself and renewed my enthusiasm for my own blog.

Thanks to all,


In the meantime, If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

5 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Triumph & Contrast

  1. It’s a given that you not only look but also see. Your compositions are always spot on, you seem to pick the right vantage spots to ‘take a drink of water’. Terrific navigation skills too and 12,000 feet! You are one fit dude.l Go for it.

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