B&W Photo 5 Day Challenge – Bikes and Pathways / Writing 101


B&W Photo 5 Day Challenge – Day 4 / Writing 101 – 20 minutes!

When I’m not hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains or taking Photos, I spend the day as a Project/Construction Manager.  I’ve been working in my present Project Manager Position for 16 years.  During these 16 years, I have been in charge of Public Works Design and Construction teams that have worked on capital improvement projects all over San Jose.  My team has reconstructed roads, storm and sanitary sewers, traffic signals, sidewalks, landscaping, street lighting, and all sorts of other minor infrastructure improvements to help keep the infrastructure of the largest City in Northern California humming along.  My B&W Photo is a picture of one of my construction sites.  This intersection was a major school crossing that we needed to keep open while we improved drainage, widened sidewalks, replaced traffic signal poles, and upgraded landscaping.  Thanks to a good contractor, a solid plan, and our extensive outreach to the community, we were able to get these improvements built on time and with minimal disruption.

I really like my job and the talented City Staff and Consultant Engineers that help make all of our projects a success.  I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I drive around the City and am able to point to projects and say to myself, “We built that!”  Now, I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.  Not every construction project goes smoothly.  After managing projects for 16 years, I have come to expect the gas line that isn’t on any utility maps, or facing the challenge of building an aggregate base layer over a long forgotten swamp.  I guess after 16 years of managing design teams, coordinating with different agencies, moving staff where they can shine, and dealing with a wide variety of Contractors, I am confident that I can handle any crazy thing that comes at me.  Someone once told me that after 16 years of managing projects, you have earned the equivalent of a Phd in Construction Management.  If I have earned a Phd, it is because I have been challenged by several different projects and have had the support of excellent co-workers.

Another thing that helps get me through the tough days is the fact that I can look forward to hiking on some of the really terrific trails near my home.  Some of my favorite places to hike are Castle Rock State Park, Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, and Sierra Vista OSP.

Well, as always, if your looking for me, I’m over the hill.

2 thoughts on “B&W Photo 5 Day Challenge – Bikes and Pathways / Writing 101

  1. I have found it hard to trust my footing on places that have been built over swamps. I’d like to read more about how that’s accomplished. Bridge-building and swamp malls and mountain roads are beyond my knowledge and so fascinating. Nice first assignment–you left me wanting to know more!

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  2. A busy intersection with the usual city traffic mix presents a challenge for drivers and motorcyclists. I can only imagine the planning challenges associated with the construction you refer to. Great image and message. You have many many responsibilities, no wonder the high country agrees with you.

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