B&W 5 Day Photo Challenge – Rock Wall

1-DSC_3762B&W Photo 5 Day Challenge – Day 5!

I’ve saved one of my favorite pictures for my final day of the B&W Photo 5 Day Challenge.

This was taken at Santa Teresa County Park in San Jose, California.  This is a pretty historic trail.  The Stile Ranch Trail is part of two larger trail systems.  This trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and part of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail.  So, for you hikers out there, you can check off a County, Regional, and National Trail when you hike.  I don’t have a check list.  I just am thankful that many years ago, several groups fought hard to keep this part of California open for future generations – like me – to enjoy the outdoors.

I hope you have enjoyed my entries in the Black and White 5 Day Photo Challenge.  Once again, thanks to my fellow outdoor/photography blogger “Creakingbones”  I highly recommend that you visit his site for some wonderful photographs from the land down under.

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

2 thoughts on “B&W 5 Day Photo Challenge – Rock Wall

  1. What a great read supporting your image. The stone wall makes a great leading line for the eye and takes us through the landscape so well. Here in Aus there are a few drystone walls around farms in southern New South Wales and next week I’m going to seek one out and see if I can emulate your beaut image. If I can I’ll blog it and see. Thanks again for your gracious comment. I do appreciate it.

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