Nature Notes – Blue Curry Mystery Solved

I was lucky enough to be come across one of nature’s wonders Sunday on my hike along the Los Gatos Creek Trail.


Seen here battling upstream as it attempts to leap up another section of waterfalls, the Blue Curry is driven by a powerful instinct to return to its home.  In its natural state, the Blue Curry is a deep, almost a “Princeton Orange.”  However, as you can see in these pictures, the Blue Curry has been battered “black and blue” as it struggles upstream.  Why would the Blue Curry even attempt this task?

In order to complete its homecoming and fulfill its destiny, the Blue Curry is required to travel vast distances upstream. Along the way, it must overcome daunting obstacles, such as scaling waterfalls, requiring a vertical jump of up to ten feet. The Blue Curry who successfully defy gravity continue their heroic journey; those who don’t, die trying.  All of this, to get back into the ball rotation at the place called Oracle. For you see, Scientists believe that the Blue Curry achieves it most heightened sense of self when it flies through the air!


What was once a mystery, was discovered, purely by chance, by a 56 year old California photographer who had been attempting to photograph the green flash over Vasona Lake. Well, this modern day Ansel Adams instead stumbled across a Blue Curry swimming up river.  A few emails to the Science Department of Nate Thurmond University soon had Graduate Assistants and some Sophomore’s swarming the river to observe and report this phenomenon.


I have to admit…I wasn’t strong enough to continue to watch.  As I continued my hike up to St. Joseph’s Hill, I could have sworn I heard, faintly, in the background, “Curry….Got It!”

So, where are you hiking this weekend?

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.


I did submit these shots to the Weekly Photo Challenge!


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