Behind the Camera

So, originally, my idea was to take a self portrait at each hike to record the hike number.

Here are just some of the self portraits that I’ve taken on my hikes over the last two years.  Some turned out ok…some, well….you be the judge. My Blogging 101 Assignment…create a new page.



Special thanks to Michelle W. for her suggestions and help on creating a photo gallery!

Check out her blog, Pictures of Things



As always, if you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill

12 thoughts on “Behind the Camera

  1. are you trying to record your ageing process – smile
    gave me a laugh anyway – nice idea, and I take the advice you got on the Commons page, and put some links up to the posts!


  2. I love your idea about hike number! 🙂
    I write two blogs. One is specific – Jaipurthrumylens!! it pertains to the city I live in. So not much information about hikes. There are pictures from hiking but it’s not specific to hikes. I usually click sunrise pictures from hike and post it in Skywatch Friday category.
    The second blog is called Curated Experiences and Impressions. I write hiking gear review, photo challenge etc. I started this one much later.

    It’s great to come across fellow hikers who are quite motivated. Great job Dale! 🙂


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