The Thursday Picture – Nikon Roo

1-2015-11-08 11.17.55

Today’s Thursday Picture was taken on my hike at Long Ridge Open Space Preserve on a very rainy and blustery Sunday.

Normally, being a very good Boy Scout (Troop 210 – Troop of the Eagle!), I am prepared for the rainy weather.  Heck, as you can see here…I am typically ready for any threat on the trail.


However, I had to drop off my Volvo XC 70 (again) at the shop to get yet another thing fixed!  Of course, I left my Columbia rain jacket in the back of the Volvo.  So, that’s how I ended up on the trail on a very rainy and blustery Sunday without my rain jacket.  Unfortunately, I also haven’t been able to find my red cowboy hat for quite some time either…

1-2015-11-08 11.08.22

Being rather stubborn, I was determined to get my hike in while also trying to protect my trusty Nikon D40 from the weather.  I didn’t realize how silly – but effective – my “Kangaroo Pouch” was until another hiker passed me on the trail and said, “Nice Pouch!”

Yes, my Nikon Roo worked just great.  I was able to keep hiking and to keep taking shots.  My Nikon D40 survived this rainy and blustery day on the trail.  That’s my Nikon Roo story…how do you protect your camera on the trail?

Where are you hiking this weekend?

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

The Thursday Picture – Hiking as the Sun Fades


Taken on an early evening hike at Long Ridge Open Space Preserve on the Long Ridge Trail just about one year ago today.

I had an interesting encounter with a deer on the ridge to the right of this picture while hiking.  It was very late in the day, the sun was heading towards a rest in the Pacific, and I had encountered no other hikers or bikers.  I had a strange feeling that something was watching me as I was hiking back to my car.  When I turned around, there was a deer staring at me.  I don’t carry a zoom lens on my Nikon D40…so, I wasn’t able to get a clear shot of the deer.  As I continued down the trail, I had the same feeling.  Again, when I turned around, there was the same deer, on a ridge looking straight at me.  Maybe it was my imagination, but I swear that the deer was following along as I hiked out of Long Ridge.

Maybe he was wondering just what the heck this hiker was doing so late in the day.  I had the feeling that he was urging me to get going so that the natives could have their park back for the night.  Do Black Tailed Deer have a Neighborhood Watch program?

I think that it is time for another early evening hike at Long Ridge OSP.  I wonder if I will see the big guy again?

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.