The Thursday Picture – Lone Pine Falls

2010 Whitney Trail Falls DSC_4944Today’s Thursday Picture is one from my hiking archives.  Way back in 2010, my good friend Greg Jobe hiked up the Mt. Whitney Trail.  This picture is taken along the trail at Outpost Camp. That is about a 50 foot waterfall where Lone Pine Creek drops down into a little valley where Outpost Camp is located.  You can see the base of Mt. Whitney in the background.  Yes, there were still patches of snow in July…which is quite common for the Whitney Zone.

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill.

The Thursday Picture – Mt. Whitney Trail

I have so many hiking and backpacking pictures!  So, I thought that I would start a new feature called, “The Thursday Picture.”  I will post an outdoor picture every Thursday.  It may be a picture that I took…or, a picture taken by someone else.

For my first picture, I am posting one that I took back in July, 2010 as I climbed up the Mt. Whitney Trail on a backpacking trip.  This picture is from the trail at about 10,000 feet looking down on the Owen’s Valley…way, way down!  I really like how the two lone pines seem to partially frame the picture.  I loved this hike…until I got altitude sickness!  What do you think?  Have you ever hiked on the Mt. Whitney Trail?Whitney Trail


Hike No. 5 – February 24, 2013 – Hill/PG&E Trails

My last hike was fun…and easy.  So, for Hike No. 5, I decided to challenge myself with the PG&E Trail in the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve.  I used this trail to help me train for Mt. Whitney in the past.  The trail is one, long, seemingly unending climb through Oak forests along a fire road… Upper PG&E Trail...on and on and on...

There are some great views of Silicon Valley, San Jose, and, on this clear day, downtown San Francisco in the distance!

Silicon Valleys Sea of Trees

That’s Moffett Field and NASA Ames in the middle left.  Under that sea of trees is Silicon Valley and San Jose…big city with a lot of trees!

This Moderate-Difficult trail of 9.9 miles (up and back) gains about 1,200 feet in about 5 miles during the most challenging portion.  75% of the trail is exposed…so, wear a hat and carry lots of water.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in Hike No. 5...especially my wife Janet.

That’s 5 hikes and 31.6 miles…35 hikes and 168.4 miles to go!