The Thursday Picture – Ferntastic!


Today’s picture is from my second hike of this year, at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I see these ferns all over the place in the mountains when I hike…I think this one is a western wood fern (please correct me if I’m wrong). They look like a feathery carpet below the tall Douglas Fir and Redwood trees. If you look long enough, you can usually find a critter somewhere below their feathery leaves.

Have a “ferntastic” day!

If you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill!

The Thursday Picture – Mt. Whitney Trail

I have so many hiking and backpacking pictures!  So, I thought that I would start a new feature called, “The Thursday Picture.”  I will post an outdoor picture every Thursday.  It may be a picture that I took…or, a picture taken by someone else.

For my first picture, I am posting one that I took back in July, 2010 as I climbed up the Mt. Whitney Trail on a backpacking trip.  This picture is from the trail at about 10,000 feet looking down on the Owen’s Valley…way, way down!  I really like how the two lone pines seem to partially frame the picture.  I loved this hike…until I got altitude sickness!  What do you think?  Have you ever hiked on the Mt. Whitney Trail?Whitney Trail


Hike No. 4 – Febuary 16, 2013 – Las Alamitos / Calero Creek Trails

After the “thighmaster” of the Limekiln Trail, I decided to take it a little easy on Hike No. 4!  Just a short drive into San Jose’s Almaden Valley, and I was at the trail head.  The Los Alamitos trail runs along…Los Alamitos Creek, which meanders through a residential section of San Jose.

Winter ending on Calero Creek

Winter is beginning to end and many of the trees are just starting to blossom along this well maintained trail…

Los Alamitos Trail Sign Hike No 4

This easy 4.7 mile hike is mostly flat.  This trail in San Jose is really well marked, maintained, and has plenty of parking on gravel lots.  The trail is part of a large network of trails…this trail links up with the Calero Creek trail which I will cover in a later post.

That’s 4 hikes and 21.7 miles….36 hikes and 178.3 miles to go!

A journey of 200 miles begins with the first step…

I read somewhere that one should publicly post your new year’s resolution…

I resolve to go on at least 40 hikes and travel a total distance of 200 miles before the end of 2013. I chose 200 miles because that is just about the distance between our house and one of my favorite places in California, the Yosemite Valley.
Just so I’m clear with you and myself, here is my own version of the fine print:
1. A “hike” is defined as a trek of two miles or longer over unpaved paths, dirt fire roads, paved paths in a park, or a shady trail in the mountains. Hikes to Baskin Robbins, though beneficial, will not be counted towards my total.
2. Each hike must have a definitive end before the next one starts. In other words, I can’t say that I’ve gone on two hikes because I stopped for water at the half way point of a four-mile hike. However, I might go on more than one hike in a day, such as on a camping trip or before and after work. Although, I start work at 6:30 am…I’m not likely to hike that early in the morning!
3. Proof of a hike must be posted on “I’m Over the Hill ” to count. “Proof” is defined as a photo of the trail, and location. I will figure out some way to post my mileage.
I’m getting a bit of a late start…I better get hiking!