The Thursday Picture – My Hi-Tec Trail Grub

Thursday Picture

I’ve got a secret…toward’s the end of the trail, when I am close to finishing up my hike for the day, my mind starts drifting to an item nestled safely in a clear plastic zip lock bag, inside my dirty yellow day pack.  My pace picks up, the knees don’t hurt quite as much, and I stop taking pictures of everything under the sun…I can only think of how good that PB&J Sandwich is going to taste at the end of my hike!

Nothing fancy, although I do prefer good wheat bread.  But, I also prefer plain old Skippy creamy peanut butter with a good amount of Knott’s Berry Farm Blackberry.  Another great American invention…

Until next time, if you’re looking for me, I’m over the hill (probably eating a PB&J!).