Hike No. 2 – February 3rd, 2013 – Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve

For Hike No. 2, I chose one of my favorite places to hike:  Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve  http://www.openspace.org/preserves/pr_rancho_san_antonio.asp


This Moderately difficult hike of 6.1 miles along the PG&E/Wildcat Loop/High Meadow/Rogue Valley Trails touched just a fraction of the Preserve’s 23 miles of trails.  If you have kids, the Deer Hollow Farm, located at the lower base of the Preserve, is a great place to visit!

I’m up to 10.3 total miles…only 189.7 to go!

A journey of 200 miles begins with the first step…

I read somewhere that one should publicly post your new year’s resolution…

I resolve to go on at least 40 hikes and travel a total distance of 200 miles before the end of 2013. I chose 200 miles because that is just about the distance between our house and one of my favorite places in California, the Yosemite Valley.
Just so I’m clear with you and myself, here is my own version of the fine print:
1. A “hike” is defined as a trek of two miles or longer over unpaved paths, dirt fire roads, paved paths in a park, or a shady trail in the mountains. Hikes to Baskin Robbins, though beneficial, will not be counted towards my total.
2. Each hike must have a definitive end before the next one starts. In other words, I can’t say that I’ve gone on two hikes because I stopped for water at the half way point of a four-mile hike. However, I might go on more than one hike in a day, such as on a camping trip or before and after work. Although, I start work at 6:30 am…I’m not likely to hike that early in the morning!
3. Proof of a hike must be posted on “I’m Over the Hill ” to count. “Proof” is defined as a photo of the trail, and location. I will figure out some way to post my mileage.
I’m getting a bit of a late start…I better get hiking!