The Thursday Picture – Blue Sky over Foggy Bay

The Thursday Picture - Blue Sky over Foggy Bay

Hiking up to the top of the Spring Ridge Trail @MROSD Windy Hill OSP. I took a water break and checked out the incredible view behind me. That’s Mt. Diablo in the distance, towering over a fog bank that entirely covered San Francisco Bay, while in the foreground, the beautiful Portola Valley. Hike No. 3 for 2014!

If you are looking for me…I’m over the hill!

The Thursday Picture – Mt. Whitney Trail

I have so many hiking and backpacking pictures!  So, I thought that I would start a new feature called, “The Thursday Picture.”  I will post an outdoor picture every Thursday.  It may be a picture that I took…or, a picture taken by someone else.

For my first picture, I am posting one that I took back in July, 2010 as I climbed up the Mt. Whitney Trail on a backpacking trip.  This picture is from the trail at about 10,000 feet looking down on the Owen’s Valley…way, way down!  I really like how the two lone pines seem to partially frame the picture.  I loved this hike…until I got altitude sickness!  What do you think?  Have you ever hiked on the Mt. Whitney Trail?Whitney Trail